Everything you need to know for your first trip

I am  trying to assist my son with his first trip to Cuba, so I though I would write a blog for first timers.   I remember booking my first trip solo, and I wish I did some things differently.

  • Make sure your passport is up to date, and it does not expire within 3-6 months beyond the expiration date, each country is different for expiration dates, they do this just in case something happens and you have to extend  your stay
  • Make sure when you book your trip, the name on the ticket has to be exactly like the one on your passport.  You can run into problems at the airport if they do match.
  • Buy Travel insurance if you do not have it, anything can happen while you are on vacation, I lost a passport before in another country, the insurance company refunded me for all costs involved.
  • Book an easy trip for your first trip, do the all inclusive in the Caribbean, it will be easier to budget, and most resorts have tight security.  Your bus will pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel and vice versa.
  • Do your research, its easier this day and age, the internet is a great tool.  Buy or borrow from your library a good travel guide book, talk to others who have been to the country you are visiting, also you can book with a travel agent, it will not cost you any extra.
  • Do not let airports intimate you, I used to be so overwhelmed by the airport experience. Just be calm, like you go to airports everyday.  Border security will pull you over if you are feeling nervous.
  • Photocopy all your documents twice, copies for at home, and extra’s for your suitcase
  • Be careful when you text or use your cell phone in other countries, you might end up with a super high cell phone bill when you get home, phone your cell phone carrier to discuss a good plan for when your out of the country
  • Pack appropriately, if your going somewhere hot, bring clothing suitable for hot weather, and pack lots of sunscreen.  I got sun-burnt really bad one year, and it hurt for weeks afterwards.  Always pack an umbrella for those rainy days.
  • Get to know the locals, and show your interest in their country
  • Bring a positive attitude
My First trip to Cuba
My First trip to Cuba

If you know of any good advice for a first timer, please comment in the comments box

Here are some useful websites  I use for planning my trips.




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  1. Lynn says:

    I always scan my passport and email it to myself that way I have a copy in my inbox if mine was to ever get lost/stolen. Also a good idea to email yourself important telephone numbers that you might need in case of emergency – family, insurance, tour operator, airline, consulate office etc.

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    1. I used your great tip, and took a picture of all my IDs and my passport, emailed me a copy and my mother


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