Tips for traveling solo

Tips for Traveling Solo

1) Carry your passport/cash etc on your body, spread it out so if you are a victim of a pickpocket, they will not get it all. When I carry large sums of money I carry it in a money belt underneath my pants. Once I get into the hotel I keep it locked and only carry what I need each day.

2) Monitor your surroundings

3) Don’t look like a tourist – try to dress like the locals,in European cities, dress a little sharper, they like to wear scarves a lot. Don’t ‘gawk’ open mouthed at the wonders of the city; and don’t carry or wear expensive cameras, watches, jewelry etc. Keep them at home or in the hotel safe.

4) Ahead of the trip I plan my transportation from the airport, so I do not look confused coming off the plane. Look confident.

5)I purchase my public transportation cards/tickets ahead of time, usually you can buy them at the airport.

6) Study maps of the city and public transportation before you leave, I print out many google maps, from my hotel to attractions I want to see, Also google gives an option on types of transportation you can take from point A to point B

7) I then prepare and print to carry with me a document which lists my hotel name and address in the language of the country, a map showing the location of my hotel and phone numbers to my family, hotel, local police and Canadian embassy
8) Do not overwhelm or stress yourself out.
I walked a good portion of the cities I visited solo. I also used the bus transportation and visited several of the major sight seeing attractions. I always enjoyed traveling solo, and never had any problems.  

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  1. Good advice – a wandering memory


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