Scams and Thieves

The Traveling Gemini

Unfortunately there are people all over the world who make their living from scamming  or stealing off the tourist.  I will go over some of the scams I am aware of

The bump, someone will bump you when walking by, or when you are entering a subway or bus, than the next thing you know it your wallet is gone out of your pocket, or if your a woman your wallet is missing from your purse.  The culprits are usually well dressed and professional looking, someone you would never suspect.

The throw the baby on you scam, this usually happens on a busy subway a woman will look at you and throw a baby towards you, your gut reaction is to grab the baby, through the commotion her accomplice will be going through your purse, pocket, or parcels. (the baby is not real)

The throw the pigeon look-alike poop on…

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  1. Wendy says:

    Great tips, Shelley! I learned not to carry a back pack and only the money I needed for the day in à zippered pocket.


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