Great sites and tools for planning your trip

I thought I would share some great websites for planning your trip. I would not have been able to travel alone without the great knowledge on the internet by other travelers.  The site I visit the most  is tripadvisor, I call it my travel bible.  It is a site with reviews from other travelers, advice from everything you want to know, like transportation from the airport, budget eats, top attractions.  It is just the best tool for getting questions answered.  Fodors is also worth mentioning and Lonely plant.

The sights I use the most for researching prices are tripcentral and flightnetwork.

The reason I love tripcentral as it shows the prices with the taxes included, it also shows all the months and weeks in a grid, so its easy to compare prices at certain times.  I have booked many vacations with tripcentral.  I have also booked vacations and airline tickets with flightnetwork.  I find they both have great customer service, and comparable rates.

Expedia is also worth mentioning, you can book your hotel and your flight and receive a discount for booking both, I will be using them when I go to Asia in the future, also they have many flights to choose from.

Another great tool for planning your trip is a good guide-book, you can buy one or borrow one from you local library.  I also watch a lot DVD’s and travel shows on youtube. It’s always a good idea to know all the local customs of the countries you’re traveling to.

I am in no way affiliated with any of the above sites I mentioned, I just wanted to share  information with other travelers.

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  1. I’ve not used trip central, will definitely give it a go! Thanks for sharing!


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